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Smooth channels controlled emotion through the mic on this funeral favorite. Sweet little bluesy love jam that makes me want a cigarette. Back when Fresh Prince rapped about chasing skirts and cruising down the street. One of the greatest stoner metal songs of all time. He took lyricism to cinematic extremes. "Lesbian Seagull," Engelbert Humperdinck. Just the fact that this pairing exists at all brings me endless joy. Musically, it's as smooth as summer songs go. I'll take it! All of it! "Right Place, Wrong Time," Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. You just know it's Pete Rock's unmistakable craftsmanship. Beats and rhymes aren't everything, it turns out. This was the first single from The Chronic and it immediately established him as a supersonic force for decades to come. Sleeper favorite: "I Wanna Riot," Stubborn All Stars with Rancid. Not either act's finest moment and let's just leave it at that. Heartbreaking, beautiful song that seems like it could have been a huge hit but wasn't. But before his voice enters the room, Havoc puts his nose down and stirrs up the calm before unleashing the full storm with a squeal that builds atop a haunting piano loop. Sorry, Journey isn't Journey without Steve Perry and also this song is AWFUL. Sleeper favorite: "It's Not Unusual," Belly. Sleeper favorite: "Back to the House That Love Built," Tito & Tarantula. Really the soundtrack to: Drowning out the sound of your modem connecting to AOL.Most memorable song:" Halcyon and On and On," Orbital. Literally the only thing this band ever did, but not wonder-ful enough to qualify as a "one-hit wonder" either. A song so good it would fit right in with . 90s hook up songs. No one thought to assign a gender to it. "Playa Fo Real," Dru Down. "Quedate Aqui," Salma Hayek. Sleeper favorite: "Why'd You Want Me," Jesus and Mary Chain. Such a fun, slinky, bitchy pop song that fit this film like a glove.Sleeper favorite: "Rock 'n' Roll Machine," The Donnas. Raymond Boyd/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images "Juicy" is Biggie's most important song. You may know this song but not that it appeared on this soundtrack before it came out on a Mase album. Hypnotically odd nu-metal party jam. It has been reworked by other artists, including Pharoah Monch. Although I don't really know what came of MC Eiht, this song had such a beautiful, hypnotic flow.Sleeper favorite: "You Been Played," Smooth. A love song for people who feel awkward around love songs.Sleeper favorite: "J.A.R. Sleeper favorite: "I Love You a Thousand Ways," Jimmie Dale Gilmore. Terrible, unnecessary, sad cover of a beautiful Smiths band by a group no one remembers. Online country dating sites. You're hooked from start to finish. Really the soundtrack to: Every single adolescent make-out session you either actually had or simply dreamed about. Nothing to hear here, just move along. What makes it great: Although it is perhaps one of the more obscure picks on this list, this soundtrack included really great alt-country/folk artists doing charming covers of old classics. A swaggering, proud, sassy rap track from a lady - Charli was way ahead of the Nicki and Iggy era. "Running Knees," Days Of The New. Dre for yet another surefire hit in "Gin & Juice," off the critically lauded. Most people can't name the members of S.O.M., but when they hear this song at a party they completely lose it. "Thinkin' of a word best describin' my life/To name my daughter my strength/My son, the star, will be my resurrection/Born in correction all the wrong sh-t I did/He'll lead a right direction," Nas prays. "You can get with this or you can get with that.

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. It has that rare moment of self-introspection. G Rap simply raised the stakes. "I Put a Spell on You," Marilyn Manson. Most memorable song: "I Want You to Want Me," Letters to Cleo. A soulful love song, minus the soul and the love. It's a shame The Lady of Rage didn't explode onto mainstream consciousness. Fast dating tips. Unforgettably haunting techno Bowie, which also featured prominently at the beginning and end of the film itself. Even if you don't give a whit about Michelob or weekend grilling, you'll still enjoy this tune on any day of the week.

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. Kind of a clever idea for a cover, but it gets old. This song just fits this movie SO well.Sleeper favorite: "Good Morning Baby," Bic Runga featuring Dan Wilson. Damn, it's hard to wear pants while listening to this song. "Feelin' Love," Paula Cole. Most memorable song: "Red Right Hand," Nick Cave. "I Fought the Law," Mary's Danish.

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. Uninspired and generic ska revival song that no one remembers being on this soundtrack. Actually just a really beautiful song. "I got you stuck off the realness, we be the Infamous, you heard of us" starts Prodigy on Mobb Deep's most enduring track, "Shook Ones II." P's opening lines are menacing and memorable and should be studied in a classroom somewhere. Sticks out like a gross electronic thumb in a sea of humble ditties. The kind of generic R&B track you're accustomed to hearing at the mall food court and completely tuning out. Most memorable song: "Men in Black," Will Smith. The most successful track is the first one, featuring everybody's favorite duo, The Crystal Method.Sleeper favorite: "Tiny Rubberband," Butthole Surfers/Moby. Metaflake online dating uk. Prince Paul incorporates a mix of live instrumentation and elements from Jackson's "I Can't Help It," taken from Off the Wall. Dre's stamp of approval could lift them above the ground.

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. Never has there been a wildly influential hip-hop song so soothing by a group so blunt as Wu-Tang's "C.R.E.A.M." That, my friends, is the genius of The RZA. Really the soundtrack to: Developing a crush on Ben Affleck and/or Liv Tyler.Most memorable song: "I Don't Want to Miss A Thing," Aerosmith. A delightfully catchy "fuck you" song. It was your least favorite song on this soundtrack then, and it does not age any better. There are a lot of unnecessary covers on movie soundtracks, but this one is super great! It just makes me want to clap along. This is on the opposite end of the covers spectrum. Dirty South represent! "Baby I," Tenderoni. I mean, it's actually pretty funny, but once you've heard it once. Let's be real, there's only room for one truly great Des'ree soundtrack song, and it's not on this soundtrack. The song's message of self-belief is as much a directive to himself as it is to his future seed. "Mom and Dad's Pussy," Destroy All Monsters. Oddly delightful.Sleeper favorite: "," Primitive Radio Gods. The coolest song you had ever heard in your life, the first time you heard this soundtrack.Sleeper favorite: "She's Always in My Hair," D'Angelo. "Burnin' Up the Road," John Anderson. Inoffensive but unoriginal nu-blues/country jam song. Although not a big name at this point in his career, "Woo Ha" and its attention-grabbing hook immediately established Busta as a fan favorite. Sleeper favorite: "Motherless Child," Ghostface Killah and Raekwon. Sleeper favorite: "I Want You," Concrete Blonde. This song would be okay outside of the context of this techno daydream, but as the closing note to an otherwise beepy ride, it's a disappointment. Sadly difficult to find on the internet but so sweet and great! "Only God Knows," Martin's Dam. "I'll Take You There," General Public. Although it's a cover, and hurt by some pretty weird production choices, this is still the obvious centerpiece of this soundtrack.Sleeper favorite: "Freak Tonight," R. On “Ill Street Blues,” for example, he says: "We snatched him by his hands and feet and threw him out the window/Up, up, up and away cause I don’t play, clown/ Buck, buck, buck, take that with you on the way down.” Christ. Funky, romantic groove that just floats around and induces instant nostalgia. What makes it great: A showcase for the wonderful ranchera/chicano scene and specifically for the inimitable Los Lobos.Really the soundtrack to: Getting too high and seeing wolves.Most memorable song: "Cancion del Mariachi," Los Lobos. As good a tribute as the more emotive "To Live & Die in LA," "California Love" is one of Tupac's best known works. Just one more reason she's widely respected as one of the greats. What makes it great: Exhilarating, frill-free R&B happiness. The perfect song to lose your virginity to if you're the coolest person on the face of planet Earth. "Big Problems," Corrosian of Conformity. "Mahogany," a tribute to the ladies, stands the test of time as evidence of Ra's unparalleled greatness in his era. "Daddy's Girl," Lisa Harlow Stark. A great little love tune.Sleeper favorite: "Graceland," Charlie Sexton. "Adrenaline," Phunk Junkeez. A song by Mike Dirnt about a friend who passed away, this was a #YOLO anthem for a more innocent time. Truly the perfect example of what an inexplicably delightful band Primus was. Kids who liked Rammstein were just so much cooler and tougher than everyone else. And Wu-Tang swordsmen knew all the inside secrets. It's a jam! "Berry Meditation," U.N.K.L.E. Super charming Bad Company cover. Don't make the same mistake, young Padawan. Most memorable song: "Feel So Good," Mase. Somehow fairly offensive, weird as hell, AND boring, all at the same time. What makes it great: Young and easy and fun and uncomplicated and silly and lovely. Of course, every adult around lied to me about the true meaning of the acronym - everything from "Other People's Property" to "Other People's Pimples." When I later found out, I felt like a loser. 90s hook up songs. Randy has one of the top five most pleasing voices of all time, so he could sing the phone book and I'd be happy. Rakim a true master of emceeing. Weirdly sexy for such a fast-paced rock song. I kinda miss MM when I listen to ragers like this.Sleeper favorite: Du Hast, Rammstein. Rap-A-Lot Records The brooding paranoia of "Mind Playing Tricks" served as a metaphor for the mental disillusionment that often accompanies inner-city angst. Public Enemy brought politics.

Shearer/WireImage "Nas Is Like" is songwriting perfection. Tarver was just a teen when he recorded this and "When Doves Cry" for the movie - his voice is beautiful, but this song stands out as a cheeseball moment on an otherwise effortlessly cool soundtrack


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