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But some legal experts noted that Justice Samuel A. Jia believes he should have had a fair shot at Harvard, Princeton, Columbia and the University of Pennsylvania.

. Asian american interracial dating. He was rejected by several of the Ivy League colleges he applied to, not by all that he applied to.Dana Goldstein and Alain Delaquérière contributed reporting. The issue is whether there has been discrimination against Asian-Americans in the name of creating a diverse student body. “I didn’t want to blame everything on one reason.”Correction: An earlier version of a picture caption with this article referred incorrectly to Austin Jia’s college acceptance rate. Jia said, when classmates with lower scores than his - but who were not Asian-American, like him - were admitted to those Ivy League institutions.“My gut reaction was that I was super disillusioned by how the whole system was set up,” Mr. Dershowitz said that investigating discrimination against whites, however, raised a different set of questions.“Generically, whites have not been the subject of historic discrimination,” Mr. Jia questioning the admissions process. A rising sophomore at Duke, Mr.

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. A lawsuit, to which he is not a party, accuses Harvard of discriminating against Asian-Americans in admissions and giving preferences to other racial minorities.Will Glaser/The New York TimesBy most standards, Austin Jia holds an enviable position. Jia attends one of the top universities in the country, setting him up for success.But with his high G.P.A., nearly perfect SAT score and activities - debate team, tennis captain and state orchestra - Mr. “The diversity at Harvard has been key to my learning, and I think that if there weren’t so many people of different backgrounds, I wouldn’t be forced to think about things in new ways.”Mr. Yoona dating jonghyun.

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. “I felt that the whole concept of meritocracy - which America likes to say it exercises all the time - I felt that principle was defeated a little in my mind,” he said.But, he added, he is coming to terms with the results. Harvard has argued in a Supreme Court brief that while it sets no quotas for “blacks, or of musicians, football players, physicists or Californians,” if it wants to achieve true diversity, it must pay some attention to the numbers


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