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I thoght it would be appropriate to mention that the Mattaponi Tribe of Va. Primarily dedicated to people in Vermont that are currently or interested in the polyamory lifestyle. It probably seems like this is some little white girl in her hunt for ethnicity, but I don't think so. For what ever reason, I have this desire to know my mother's people, their customs, their history. However, there is something in all races to be proud of! As Human Beings we need to work together to know each other as brothers and sisters, not as Indian , white,or black! To tell generations of children that their heritage is not good is also wrong. One truth about the Disney movie Pocahantas was the way white settlers and soldiers destroyed the land.Now all they have to do is apologize for slavery. Thank you again for your tireless work and dedication to presevering that which history tried so hard to hide. I need information and studies on your Art of Story telling as well as, the use of folk tales and how they are used in the classroom. I have had the privilege of attending your Arts Festival in the past and look forward to attending this weekend. I believe it is a great service to all Americans. It is my prayer that Creator, through His son, Jesus Christ, will bring healing and reconciliation between all peoples. I ALSO HOPE TO VISIT AT FESTIVAL TIME.

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. Thanx for sharing the story. Dating articles wikihow. Invites anyone interested in polyamory, intimate networks or responsible non-monogamy; you don't need to be a practicing poly. Dippie and was published by the University Press of Kansas. Welcomes straight couples, singles, triads, quads, networks, tribes, bi, gay, and transgendered folk with different levels of poly experience. Her G-father was Richard Radcliffe who built Fairfax County Courthouse. None of us can chose where we came from, but we can chose where we're going. I did not take part in the slaughter. I fear, however, the effects of dwelling too profoundly in past culture. I am a descendant of the Wicocomoco Indians, part of the Powhatan Condederacy thru King William Tapptico of the Wicocomoco tribe. The Mattaponi reservation is located in West Point, Va. Crossroads Mall Poly Dinner This event repeats every month on the third Thursday. switzerland Polyamory - Mehr als eine/n lieben In German. No personal ads, no commercial ads. Workshops, dancing, music, seminars, potlucks and friendship. My ancestry is Pamunkey/Mattaponi.I am originally from Hampton, Virginia. Without knowing the extent of falseness, I was quite put off by the story.

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. Groupe de discussion francophone en Ámerique du nord sur le Polyamour. Now I have a daughter of my own and I named her Pocahontas because she is spoiled completely. I'm very proud to be a friend to the Reservation. This is a polyamory list for those who are in the Charlottesville, Virginia area and want to talk to other local poly-minded people. In-person activities, email discussions of polyamory-related topics, event announcements. Baltimore Maryland Polyamory Network Mailing list and social group for people in the Baltimore area who are polyamorous or curious about polyamory; and for their partners and friends, whether polyamorous or not. But as the years went by I wanted to know what Pocahontas meant she did not know untill she read up on it and she was surprised at what it meant. The guilty and the innocent come in all colors. This list serves poly-austin, an Austin-area social group. Her name was Mary Woods,however, she married and became Mary Woods Riley. I am with the Nation of Islam under the leadership of Min. Some of the family moved to North Carolina and lived with and married Cherokee. It is so difficult finding records. Also, my daughter has a professor who teaches at Rutgers who is an American Indian and is interested in your reservation. As an indian in a dream gave me the name Wild Cat I wish you would give me a place on earth for The Creater has seen my life and already giving me a place with him and the accient counicl of our people. The maiden name that she used on her marriage certificate was Mozene. However, I will say the movie is not entirely a bad thing. I'm trying to find out anything I can about him. There is also a page for non-local mailing lists. Low traffic and intermittent announcement list. WE also were lucky to have a great seat at the alligator wrestling.

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. Goals include networking, support, socializing, and fun. My children have a small stream of Cherokee blood and are interested in the Indian culture. If anyone has any geneological information about the Powhatans or any information about how I could trace my roots it would be greatly appreciated. I am glad to have found a cite written by Native Americans. Please let us know when the next one will be. And I had problems with the historical correctness of "Son of the Morning Star". I hope I will be able to come this May. Forum for polyamorous Nebraskans and poly people from surrounding states who have interest in ethical nonmonogamy, multiple partner relationships or polyamory and want to learn more, or can offer support to those beginning to explore the lifestyle. Dating site jax fl. is linked from my family's site. First I would like to say Thank you for the information and sharing of your Nations culture. They live in surrounding areas of Kilmarnock, VA in Lancaster County. Group is intended for discussion of Responsible, Ethical, and Consensual non-monogamy. But I did hear we are part Indian. I am hoping and trying to find my way along the healing path of life, I do wish to know more about your band and the people in it. Sponsors Ohio Valley Poly mailing list. The story here grieves my heart. I appreciate honsty and truth, even as an artist, and wouldnt give "artistic license" for such trite nonsense. I feel it will contribute greatly to me and my children to make learning our heritage more enriching and meaningful than mearly reading books, books written by disembodied souls who's sources my be highly questionable. The family is loosly traced to the area of Va. Since this is where our knowledge of history begins, it is here that we must make the changes. I HAVE HEARD MANY WONDERFUL THINGS ABOUT YOU. It was so very nice to see so many of my brothers and sisters! I am part Blackfoot and I have been attending many of the powwows throughout NJ. Thamk you for this web page and for opening your land and yourselves up to the public as you do. Support and social group for polyamorous folk in the New York City - New Jersey - Connecticut area. I am an African-American whose great grandmother was born of Indians. I am looking forward to another visit so I can learn more. The teacher encouraged her to write to the publisher but to no avail. If there is anyone out there who could help us find more of my huab;s roots we would be very appreciative. What my White ansestors did to the people of this l and was WRONG I admit. My family will all receive a copy. One of my ancestors married an Indian woman. Discussion forum, resources on polyamory and related subjects, social networking, and interpersonal support. If you can help with this I would be greatly appreicative to know more about my hertiage. In the eyes of Him who made us, there are only two types of people. Even when I was a little kid, I played "indians" with my sisters, and the more I read about them nowadays, the more I admire them.

I ALWAYS THAUGT OF NATIVE AMERICANS AS IN THE PAST, NOT NOW.I'M SORRY I THOUGHT THAT WAY,BUT THANKS TO THIS WEBSITE I DON'T ANYMORE. General information about polyamory and discussion forum. I am looking forward to the upcoming spring powwows! In talking to friends and coworkers, it has become really obvious how many people know so little about the Native American cultural events going on right in our area. I know that the Disney story is quite fictional. I may be white, but my great grandmother was a native. This is a support and social group for poly folk in the Pittsburgh area. My father, Odell Albert Rich, family is Native American, also. Polyamory social / discussion group for the surrounding area of Philipsburg, Montana. If you know a site that interpits Powhatan please e-mail the address or leave a message on the board. Santa Cruz A forum for Santa Cruz area polyamorists, friends and family. Each interest group meets on a specific day of the month at locations that the group members vote on. I would very much like a correspondance of greater enlightenment and friendship with any of my people, especially those who still reside in the original homelands. If you could link to us it would be greatly appreciated. We are looking forward to the alligator wrestling, archery and the Voladores. And notice, this time I've left an e-mail address. Never to see her home again. Registration is free; there is also a fee-based service with some extra features. When I was in grammar school I was punished on several occasion by the nuns because I disagreed with the way the Indians were being portrayed in the history books. I now see people of a certain color getting blamed for certain atrocities. Thank You again "May the Great Spirit Grant You Peace, May Mother Earth give you her Bounty, and Your Spirit Guide Keep Your Medcine Strong" John T. Emphasis on personal and local community. Disney has so little forsight, or hindsight as the case may be. this link with history is what got me hooked on my roots. And how the children respected their parents and elders. It has been very difficult finding information on the group, and I'm not sure why. House Weirdness is the home of the East Bay Poly Pool Party; they also sponsor research and discussion groups, and other poly friendly events


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