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Emperor Wu of Han was conventionally regarded as the first emperor to declare an era name; however he was only the first to use an era name in every year of his reign. A Chinese era name is the regnal year, reign period, or regnal title used when traditionally numbering years in an emperor's reign and naming certain Chinese rulers. The existence of more than one era name at a time often reflected political unrest. For example, even though within the nation people will know what era they are in, it is relatively meaningless for other nations.

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. For example, in Japan, it is difficult to keep track of the age of people who were born in the previous era. The very first era name of the Qing was significant because it means "[the Manchus possess] the Mandate of Heaven". Most Chinese dictionaries have a comprehensive list of era names, while booklets of more detailed and often searchable lists can be found in libraries. Dating my best friend after divorce. His grandfather and father also employed era names, though not continuously.

Each era name has a literary meaning. When more than one monarch used the same motto, the name of the specific monarch or dynasty has to be mentioned. Friend dating ex husband. To name a year using an era name only requires counting years from the first year of the era. An era name was a symbol of imperial power. Legitimate chinese dating sites. Dating websites uk gay. However, with globalization, the AD system is becoming more acceptable in Japan and the ROC. Ming and Qing emperors generally used only one era name during their reign, and it is customary to refer to Ming and Qing emperors by their era names. While the era system is a more traditional system of dating that preserves Chinese and Japanese culture, it presents a problem for the more globalized Asian society and for everyday life. Declaration of another era name when one was already in use was regarded as a challenge to the current emperor. Furthermore, in Japan, in theory it is difficult to mention future dates since it is sometimes hard to tell whether the current emperor will live long enough for its citizens to use that era name. When an emperor died, his successor would adopt a new era name, but the numbering of the new era name would only begin on the next New Year's Day.

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. Even in the domestic arena, the era system can present difficult dilemmas. The process of era name declaration was referred to in traditional Chinese history texts as. The numbering of the year increases on the first day of the Chinese calendar each year. Era names also reflected characteristics of political and other landscapes at the time. In addition, using a particular era name was a political act implying recognition of a sovereign's right to rule, and one issue that traditional Chinese historians faced was which set of era names to use when dating a historical event. Imperial era names are still used in Japan.

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. The era name originated as a motto or slogan chosen by an emperor. For instance both Emperor Wu and Jin Kangdi picked as their motto. Almost all era names have exactly two characters. Modern history researchers do not care about era names except for supporting other arguments, such as figuring out the biases and attitudes of a particular historian; however, era names are useful for dating events that were unique in Chinese history. The numbering of the year still increases on the first day of the Chinese calendar each year, regardless of the month in which the era name change took place.


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