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And after reading other people’s posts on here - this is probably the same guy but just changed his name and some info. Claimed to be originaly … A really bad man Kurt William Ladies beware of Kurt William who pretends to be a nice man but he is a very bad man. Claimed to own a antique business here in naples and had to go to Lagos on a business deal..big time scammer Not rated yetOf course not his real name. This guy is big time scammer. Has an accent that he says is Dutch. Military dating scams pictures. The following day he asked for my … Shane Mario Antony Says he is a widow with two kids. A love story with a young lady from Nigeria. Even though everyone was telling me this is fake and I had so many warning …  I found this one on Tinder who said he is Randall Jackson. His name he was using at the time was David Brooks. Nigerian Dating Scams  Not rated yetAsked them about their parents and the answer is they are late meaning they are dead. My story is similar to some of the … Taken for a ride by a fake soldier The sad part is that I fell in love with his picture. Roodney Welbeck; Charles Morgan; Jess Jackson. Said I was so beautiful and would like to chat with me. I wish I knew the real name not this picture. He is a fraud and will ask you for lots of money. Claimed to live in naples FL. This new jerk asked me for friendship. You are their Queen, their world, their wife and I have never met the man. After a while he said i am working in benin and after that i will go to lagos. A sympathetic man, at that time on a UN mission in Syria. …  He approached me on Zoosk.  Not rated yetPlease stop this man as he has taken one hundred and twenty four thousand from me. He went by the name Anthony … Steve Vig - Oil Rig Engineer I joined POF in mid November, which was my first time on a dating site. Asked for iTunes card, but I said no. He asked me if I wanted him to take leave and requested me to fill out a fake form. That's all she wrote.delete.delete.block. Of course I knew he was lying because of his accent and …  From what I understand there is already a scammer identified with the photo of Jeffrey Schubert. … SCAMMER! Mark Alexander Milley Not rated yetSCAMMER!! SCAMMER!! SCAMMER!! SCAMMER!! I’m getting “friend requests” almost daily from these POS. The scammers steal the most handsome pictures and he sent me one almost everyday. Handsome pictures and then he is going to Africa for business purposes. He picked my profile from and left a California number … Norwegian Engineer - Mike J. Just found his photo on the Hawaii models site - Hugh. This guy asked to follow me on instagram and I thought he was kinda cute so I accepted. Said he was a senior engineer on an oil rig in Louisiana. … Beware of Tracy Eliot Not rated yetI was approached by Tracy on singles around me. She … smith brooks I met a very handsome man on a dating site last week.I was a bit surprised because he gave me his phone number on his first contact and asked me to talk …  Christopher is currently "building a bridge in Nigeria". His name there was Richard Hanson. I thought that someone on WWF would be smart … Was scammed for over a year I have read so many stories and they all sound quite the same. She said that she came from California US, but at the moment she is in Syria - military camp- she is working as … BRYAN SCOTT I think my friend is being scammed by BRYAN SCOTT OIL RIG INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR FROM NORWAY. Says he is into cryptocurrency, bit coin. You see Tyler was one of the …  All the same man's picture on instagram. He said he was an under water welder and worked for BP. …  Not rated yetBeware of a man named Nigel Robert.

He caught me at a very low point in my life as I was emotionally trodden. He will send you checks to cash and then take that money … Timmy Gillet Beware. … Gomez Mark Hall Nigerian scammer Not rated yetThis low life has been up to no good for a long time. He gave me his email address and wanted me to email …  Okay so my first encounter left me both mentally and physcially drained. I enjoy the thrill of pulling these scumbags offline so they do not prey on other women. He is nice and charming and behaves a little, as he could not tarnish any waters. He quickly engaged me in conversation and the match was on. It was almost nauseating how his words went … Words with Friends Scammer Watch out for a Roy Ivan and David Williams. He said he fell in love at first sight after seeing my profile picture. Didnt get any from me but please be aware of these names. Been scammed by a person calling himself Natan Hansen. At least with me, after "wooing" me for … Don't fall for the iTunes card scam When he asks you to get him an iTunes card, just say "no". … Dont believe the B.S Not rated yetI read all the previous posts and cannot believe how many people this happens to. Anyone else have a similar story. Se ho nana dating. He said he is an orthopodic surgeon, working at Aleppo Syria. It is that Of a West African scammer eithr name Calvin or Fred. They are all accounts, no friends, very few pictures. Same photos that "Ryan Moloney - Civil Engineer" used. Be careful they are liars and will tell you anything to get money from you. I thought I had seen this … Nigerian dating scammer Not rated yetThese guys all operate the same way - tell a woman what she wants to hear, then ask for money. Just another sick individual Nigerian dating scam Not rated yetHere is Johnny Walter aka Simeon Akpowan. Claims to be Polish, living in …  I met a man on and he called himself Ken Shelton and claimed to work on an oil rig. Lovely looking man but I think we all know now that … Paul Hernandez pipeline engineer The scammer who has been using the name Paul Hernandez is very smooth and I got very badly burnt by him and his scam ring. Thank you for creating this site. Said he is …  His backstory: Born in Switzerland. Pic stolen from Mr Vadim Shuvalov, … Aleksandar Paul Good afternoon ladies, I'm back again. She was friended on FB by a Dr Eric Griffins. After months of refusing to send money to who I now know to be a scammer, … Tinder Tart Tony Benjamin Ortega. Says he is from Germay. So this engineer on a platform on the high seas, sees my pic and is immediately in love. Oil rig engineer from Belgian as a kid. We chatted for a few weeks when he told me …  Not rated yetI really think this is a scam! hell why did I send her some pictures of my self! They might use it for their scam! Anyways here's what she said. … Another Nigerian Dating Scam Story I have a very good friend that was the victim of a Nigerian dating scam. I installed Hitwe tonight and I saw a nice girl there. I don’t normally do … Nigerian scam Not rated yetMy scammer Frank Carl Williams. I called him out and he admitted he was …  Do not fall for it. …  Not rated yetI'm going to start posting every one of these I get. I encountered him last year. Very heavy accent with … FACEBOOK FOOLISH Not rated yetI caught on pretty quick. Then suddenly he purchased … Tinder scammer  Not rated yetIve seen everything now a scammer using an old photo of Arnold Schwarzenegger. They all say they are widowed with a child. I met this guy from Christian Mingle, posted a very handsome man's photo. He was handsome and was in Syria with nato and was a neurosurgeon on his way to Afghanistan then home. Promise of love and marriage. Marco I met this guy on Plenty of Fish. There are so many of these cat phishers. …  Watch out for a woman who calls herself Cynthia Moore from Longmont Colorado. Her story: She was in a car accident in Nigeria and now can't get back to the US due to doctor … Michael Collins. Started …  First of all I will make it clear I am a scam-baiter. Andrew Scott just asked me for friendship.

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. … Nigerian Dating Scams  He is on Badoo dating site going by the name of Michael Williams. He's been featured on a segment of Dr Phil. He's originally from Paris France. Lucio is a FRAUD Not rated yetPlease do not associate with a Michael Bernard Lucio. We started a conversation on a gay website They wanted money to help with other things. He was supposed to be a civil engineer working in the UK on a temporary assignment. A friend of mine told me that USA has no "boots … james bellini oil rig dating scam Not rated yetHe tells you he loves you and you are all that he has. Oil Rig Engineer now in Ghana to sell his contract.

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. I filled out their form as required, afterwards I sent at their … Robert Cohen Nigerian Scammer Not rated yetI met this man on Christian Mingle. Nigerian quoting poetry lines Not rated yetA man going by the name of George Bernard surfing meeting groups in SA. Lahm Lisbig I was contacted from Christian His ex wife took him for millions. I had experience in the past of someone messing with my profile after they were given my email. Thunder horse, oil rig, widow. I clicked on his picture and we quickly became friends. He said he lived in Poland and working as … Vince Xhang , A Scammer Not rated yetHe claimed to be a Geologist in HK and his mum is from Singapore. Don’t believe a word he says. We got very close as we are both HIV+ at least I am.she could be some guy for all I know. …  Not rated yetI met Andrew Balder on match. My story started … Was scammed for over a year I have read so many stories and they all sound quite the same. He said he was from Egypt and Italy …  It doesn't matter how intelligent and careful you are they still get through. His name was Henry Walacce, a widover from Boston wiht … Nigerian romance scam Not rated yetJansen Mlls on facebook in the military More dating scammer Not rated yetRomantic sweet talker. His wife died from cancer. Construction engineer living in Sanger, CA, currently on assignment in Chicago. He almost interrogated me about my life and my … Harry Jackmann is on instagram too Not rated yetHe’s still on instagram. They sound so pitiful but you just know within … Doctor scammer Johnson Akute Met a doctor on POF dating site. She didn't tell me much about it but all I know is, she was talking to a guy friend who was from New York with the name of David. I told him it was too good to be real. Afghanistan with nato as orthopedic Surgeon in the war zone. He said he was in Alaska … Mike Jergens  Here is yet another one. Anyway I keep receiving requests on fb and this is the last … James Stefano Claims he is from Italy and lives in San Diego Ca, but had to go to Malaysia to clear up his father's business deal after his death. Parents and wife and daughter all killed at once leaving him with a granddaughter. He will tell you things like you are his angel and love of his life, but then ask …  Not rated yetMet this scammer on Facebook. My name must be on a list or something now lol. He told me he is in the us army and based in Nigeria. Dating grand forks bc.

pictures most frequently used in military scams.

. I come in contact with a guy I met on Blackplanet


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