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The completely renovated interior is magnificent with gold-laced walls and colorful ceiling frescoes. Biertan Tourist Information CenterAddress: Al. Located at the foothills of the Cindrel Mountains, a half-hour drive from Sibiu, this region is considered one of Transylvania's best-preserved ethnographic areas. spot operations A foreign exchange transaction in which settlement of delivery and payment is made immediately. While on the northern side the landscape is barren and alpine as the road makes its way up an amazing glacial valley, on the southern side the road drops gradually through pleasant green scenery. Located in the heart of the old walled city, the square was designated an architectural monument by UNESCO and features some of the most impressive buildings in Sibiu. credit card rate The foreign exchange rate offered by a credit card company for transactions in a foreign currency using their credit card. foreign exchange The simultaneous selling of one currency and buying of another. It has more tunnels and viaducts than any other road in Romania. Inside, it has a basilica aspect with three naves mounted by lofts. The mural shows the Crucifixion and marks a transition in painting from late-gothic style to renaissance style. The difference between the two sides is stunning. The transaction rate quoted for immediate settlement. The bus and trolley system is operated by the Local Transport CompanyTursib. A masterpiece of the "Brancovenesti" style and a UNESCO World Heritage site, Horezu is renowned for the richness of its sculptural detail, the treatment of its religious compositions and its painted decorative works. The local village museum contains an attractive collection of artifacts and tools from Saxon households. The annual Pastoral Album Folklore Festival takes place on the third Sunday of April. strike price The price at which a put or call option can be exercised. contra currency In a forex trade, the currency for which the dealt currency is traded. exchange rate The value of one currency expressed in another currency. On the top floor, an observation deck allows a bird's-eye view of the historic town and the Fagaras Mountains beyond. Tourists, however, can take a look upon request. Simultaneous buying and selling of securities, commodities, or currencies in different markets to take advantage of price differences. Romania's first two kings and queens are buried here. Sibiu makes an ideal base for the exploration of the nearby countryside and villages which display an interesting mixture of Saxon and Romanian traditions. One of them passes beneath the iron Bridge of Lies.

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. A foreign exchange transaction valued at the current spot rate, but with delivery on the next day. The art collection includes paintings by Rubens, Van Dyck and Teniers, as well as works of German, Austrian and Romanian masters. hard currency A globally traded currency that has a sustained history of purchasing power tied to the issuing country’s stable economic and political condition and the policies of its central bank. Nearly a century ago, local nuns taught the villagers how to make and paint pottery and ever since, people have come from far and wide to get their hands on Horezu's ceramics. Bus and trolleybus tickets can be purchased at ticket booths. The system of money in general use in a country or currency zone. During the centuries, the town flourished, particularly the guilds of sicklesmiths and wool weavers. It was believed that no young man was marriage-worthy until he had carried a heavy rock from the riverbed up the steep track. risk position An asset or liability which is exposed to fluctuations in value through changes in exchange rates, interest rates, or market conditions. The third square, Huet Square, is dominated by the Evangelical Cathedral. The simple, stark interior is in total contrast to that of the Catholic Church. This theatre has both Romanian-language and German-language sections and presents an average of five shows a week. It is the oldest museum in Romania and one of the first museums in Europe. In the centre of Cisnadioara stands an old baroque church. Over the years, the collections have been enriched through acquisitions and donations. Icons, new and old, painted on glass or wood are outstanding. Tik op de "Doorgaan"-knop hieronder om te zoeken binnen je postcodegebied. Today, the handful of Jews who remain in Sibiu hold weekly and holiday services at the Great Synagogue.The Great Synagogue Address: Str. From the Great Square, walk through one of two tunnels under the arches of the Council Tower to arrive at the Little Square. It can also be branded with your firm’s name, logo, and tagline. base currency The first named currency in a currency pair. Outside, the building still features many of its former gothic details, including the portal and the piles. The architecture is rather rustic: typically two-storey houses with tall roofs and gates opening passages to inner courts. counter currency The second named currency in a currency pair. Airport Tourist Information Centre Address: Str. Although the entire network is remarkably well-preserved, the best-maintained section is the southeastern side which has been reinforced several times throughout the centuries since attacks most often came from that direction. Is dating a bad thing. Examples include the US dollar, Swiss franc, and European Euro. * The legend says that Manole, the master builder, had to sacrifice his wife by locking her into the wall to stop the monastery from falling apart.

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. Biserica din Groapa Address: Str. Look for blouses, skirts, exotic coats, rugs, tablecloths and lacework. Intricate stone carvings cover much of the nave while the side altars and colonnades glisten with pink marble. The square is linked to the Little Square by a passage beneath the Council Tower, which is worth visiting for the excellent views over the town. World Currency Converter is a multi-lingual foreign exchange rate calculator for global businesses and world travelers.

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. Loss of purchasing power of money, caused by the unrestrained growth of the amount of money in circulation. This second fortified square was home to the town's most prestigious master craftsmen, who lived in rows of arcaded houses along the north and east sides. Marked trails make it easy to reach the main points on the surrounding mountains. Behold the sad legend of Manole* as you take in its beauty. For Sighisoara, change trains in Copsa Mica or Medias. transaction fee A flat fee charged by a bank, currency exchange dealer, or credit card company on an individual currency exchange transaction. forward discount A situation where the spot futures exchange rate of a currency is trading at a lower rate than the current spot exchange rate. Most of the trails are suitable for mountain biking, as well. currency pair Two currencies that constitute a foreign exchange rate: the base currency and the counter currency. and Tue.Admission charge Map of hiking/ biking trails starting in Medias or in Sighisoara. The Ursulines changed the gothic interior to baroque style. The museum is located opposite the main railway station. Sibiu is home to Transylvania's finest art museum, the Bruckenthal Museum. Altana Tourist Information Center Address: Casa Gerendi, Str. Legend has it that the name derived from the merchants' fiery disputes which flared up around it and the passionate but transitory vows of young lovers who often met here. One of the wealthiest villages in the region, Rasinari is famed for its local carpentry and sheep farming. Saliste Tourist Information Center>Address: Str. Galeriile Passe Partout Address: Str. A foreign exchange transaction where a current position is closed out at the daily close rate, but reentered at the new opening rate the next day, thereby avoiding the necessity of taking delivery of the currency until the next day. London Interbank Offered Rate. Today, small shops, cafes and businesses line the square. Money loaned by a financial institution on a very short-term basis which can be called the same day or at one or two days’ notice. A statistical measure of the amount by which a currency’s value changes based upon its mean value. Age-old traditions, customs and celebrations, as well as the traditional occupation of sheepherding, have been carefully passed down from generation to generation in the villages of this area. Traders who expect prices to decline. One scene among the Saliste church's frescoes remains covered at all times. A climb to the belfry offers a super view of Cisnadie's red rooftops and courtyards, while in the distance, nestled at the foot of the Cindrel Mountains, you can catch a glimpse of Cisnadiaora. Guided tours are available. The historical centre includes the Great Square, Huet Square, the beautiful Passage of Steps connecting the upper town to the lower town, the well-known Bridge of Lies, Goldsmiths' Square and the Small Square. The streets are long and quite wide for medieval city standards, with small city squares at places. This rate takes into account the added costs of transport and insurance. Rasinari, Poplaca, Gura Raului, Orlat, Fantanele, Sibiel, Vale, Saliste, Gales, Tilisca, Rod, Poiana Sibiului and Jina. The efforts made in its construction were enormous. Prices per km are marked on the front passenger door. An astronomic observation centre also is located here. The riches amassed by its guilds paid for the construction of both impressive buildings and the fortifications required to protect them. Sibiu's Old Town retains the grandeur of its earlier days when rich and powerful guilds dominated regional trade.

The World Currency Converter app is available for your website or blog at a very reasonable monthly cost. devaluation The reduction of the external value of a currency based upon changes in monetary policy or the current economic or political environment. Here, you can also find the city's only fully German school, the Samuel von Brukenthal Gymnasium, which exemplifies the city's proud German heritage. Rasinari Tourist Information CenterAddress: Str. Nora Souvenir Address: Str. floating exchange rate An exchange rate determined by market forces without central bank intervention. The Tourist Information Centre provides maps, brochures and information on accommodations, restaurants and transportation. Trains to other major cities in Romania connect in Brasov. A favorite for ski enthusiasts, Paltinis, with its beautiful location, fresh air, and numerous hiking opportunities, is also an attraction for summer hikers. Postal services & Telephone Post offices display a postal horn symbol and the word Main Post Office Address: Str. Examples include the US dollar, Euro, Swiss franc, and British pound sterling. The nearby village of Horezu is home to one of the largest pottery centres in Romania. Handicrafts Folk crafts, such as embroidered clothing and linen, painted or beaded eggs, carpets, pottery, woodcarvings and icons make interesting gifts and souvenirs. Numerous vendors offer a great range of goods that attract numerous locals and visitors. Sibiu is a pedestrian-friendly city with two easily accessible levels: the , home to most of Sibiu's historic sights, and the , lined with colorful houses on cobblestone streets and bounded by imposing city walls and defense towers overlooking the river Cibin. Tickets for same-day travel can only be purchased at the station. dealt currency In a forex trade, the currency that specifies the unit of the trade. convertibility The ease with which a currency can be freely exchanged or converted into another currency. key currency A major currency in the global economy used to set the exchange rate in a forex transaction. Contact us for more information. In addition to rich collections from the Middle Ages and the baroque era, there is a fine silverware exhibit. Romanian dating customs. Galeria Art-VO Address: Str. Valea Viilor Tourist Information CenterAddress: Str. Ze kunnen je buren zijn of iemand die je kent. external value The purchasing power of a domestic currency in another country.

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. swap transaction An agreement between two parties to exchange a specified amount of two currencies at a certain time in the future at a specified exchange rate. London Interbank Mean Rate. revaluation The increase of the external value of a currency based upon changes in monetary policy or the current economic or political environment. Antik Planet Address: Str. Also known as forex or fx. Here, you can learn the history of the city and the region from Neolithic and Roman times to the present. Ze willen alleen maar snelle seks. The interior is dominated by a massive gold chandelier and features neo-Byzantine decorations


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