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Any help anyone can give me would be fantastic. A former solarium has been converted into a Beauty Treatment Room. Les Dickinson Hi in order to get my Bedford Val registered here in Germany I need for the German documents the loudness in DBs of the engine. Rochdale Bus with a Predictive Gearbox I wondered if you might be able to help me. Three rooms in the hotel have balconies with sea views. Nowadays, of course, the original registration would have been regarded as a cherished plate – how fashions change. The LMS had a big investment in Railway Air Services which served Barton and they asked for a bus service. I think that the contract ones also came from the same list. Group coaches including North Western, Ribble, Midland Red, East Kent, Hebble, Black & White etc. During my days at Secondary modern School I travelled to and from school daily on a Fales coach, usually a Bedford OWB with a Bath registration and no destination box which I suspect was an ex M.O.D. I know that they are red & cream, but I need to identify the names. I cannot find it anywhere. North Shields, although the vehicle entrance was in Upper Camden Street. Graham Taylor Osmonds of Curry Rivel Osmonds had numerous school contracts in the area around Curry Rivel, including from Hutchings and Cornelius territory, Barrington to Ilminster. I’ve got a late listing for a coloured Barrow blind – I’ll post it here, if I can find it. There is a pub in the Lowerhouse area of Burnley called the Lane Ends.

. In addition, a green background was used for services "via the Central Station", or "via Ashley Road", whilst an orange background was used for the "via Brassey Road" routes. A friend of mine says he took lots of photos for people on the coaches with their cameras, but they probably ended up back in Yorkshire. Sorry I can’t be more specific. Therefore ‘JJ’ badges were never issued. It is for an article I am writing for a local magazine. I am sorry I can not help with the type of vehicles they used. I don’t know what became of it sadly. if my memory serves me correctly, If you have a question you would like an answer to please get in touch and I will put it on this page. We need to source some interior shots to help with the restoration but it’s difficult to find any. It’s almost certainly pre-war but with a post war body. It all sounds complicated now but seemed to work well at the time. Any information would be appreciated. Tim Presley Do any of your members have any photo’s of Black & White vehicles. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Unusual to use the first letter of the street name as a suffix. The vehicles were deemed to have infringed London Transport’s patent for the design so a small royalty was paid for each vehicle. The type I need was in service between Kirkby Lonsdale and Kendal at that time. It was eventually sold off and houses built on it. They have a good selection of Trent timetables covering the eras you are interested in; also Lincolnshire Road Car as well. Any help would be much appreciated. It operated from a temporary building at the corner of Oxford St and Lower Mosley St. The main difference was the replacement of the midships mounted gearbox with one in unit with the engine. I believe the rather colourful proprietor was a chap we knew as ‘Charlie’ who owned two old Bentleys and lived in Woodlands Park Road. It was photographed when belonging to Hillside of Luton. http://www.gmts.co.uk I have never studied the gearbox types of Rochdale Corporation’s buses, others may be able to help regarding that subject. I remember the bus station, Wilts & Dorset buses from school days, the low level double deck buses, I have visited Andover on several occasions and the library etc to try and find some history or photo’s. I hope you don’t mind me contacting you, as I have come across your website while trying to solve a local history problem. Can any of the expert Yorkshire Municipal contributors to this site, provide any more information please, including whether the body was the original on this chassis. To the left of the entrance hall is the Lounge with dado panelling, fireplace, and doors through to the Conservatory. I don’t have the ticket any longer but it’s been bothering me all these years. I have unconfirmed detail it was in a collision and scrapped. Speed dating bristol bath. Richard Burton There are a couple of pics here. The inward blinds had originally been red, until the Chief Constable of Lancashire/Bolton Borough police pointed out that it was illegal to display a red light to the front of a road vehicle. He can’t travel very far so he would need to access one near to Rochdale. The area is popular for walking, particularly on the Pembrokeshire Coast Path, together with dolphin watching, cycling and surfing at nearby Cardigan. Staff room, changing area, freezer room, dry goods store, staff wc, chemical store and boiler room. However, I recall an article on the company in ‘Classic Bus’ a few years ago that showed they also used Black on Yellow on some single deckers. LICENCES It is believed that the licence may have lapsed. It had a transmission layout whereby a propshaft ran from the back of the gearbox along to a differential unit mounted roughly halfway along the offside of the chassis. Any help would be appreciated. Apparently the pub was absolutely packed, so the Landlady used to look out for local faces and pull their beer in between serving the others. It would absolutely make his birthday, if I could get a photo for him. By the time the station closed to passenger traffic this had dwindled to one journey in each direction, Mon-Fri only, timed to suit commuters. I understand Clarkes ran coaches, but don’t know the livery; Wrays of Dacre crop up. My enduring memory of the drive relates to the Heath Robinson means of engaging overdrive via a domestic light switch which swung around below the steering wheel on the end of a piece of braided flex. Rochdale Corporation had quite a few services with suffix letters to differentiate variations of its routes. Older readers may remember that Bull once operated a stage carriage service from Tideswell to Millers Dale Station.

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. The operated for specific flights and also saw service on private hires. Does anyone have any information about what model of bus this was or any photographs as I cannot trace anything about this bus. Linx dating blog. I believe that Bournemouth Corporation sometimes used coloured blinds for certain routes or occasions. There is business occupancy to be had to as nearby is Parc Aberporth, a technology park created on the former Aberporth RAF station which is focused as an operational test and evaluation centre for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. For those interested, a list of the programme codes allocated follow. Hants and Dorset used red blinds to display a message to the effect that the service could not be used by passengers travelling wholly within the Bournemouth Corporation Transport area. Dating etiquette quiz. The badges used were the earlier enamel type with single letter. We think it is possible one of these may still exist in some condition – possibly part of a large batch and maybe in Hargreaves of Bolton livery who it is possible was owned by Gras for a period. Mack or other sources for use on my website, The Royal Windsor Website.com. I think it had a Northern Counties body. Karl, if my information is correct. Drive to the nearside went across the chassis from the differential via a short cross-shaft with a set of bevel gears at each end. When I worked for Trent in the Travel Centre at Nottingham Victoria I used this service daily as I lived at Borrowash. I recently posted a shot of a Gilford ex Ideal Service in use with a showman. they were replaced by a new standard layout in normal blackblinds after the War. Bill Headley I’m presently compiling for the OS a publication called Midland.Mog, the history of the bus garages, tram depots etc in the Midlands. Any information be greatly appreciated. Text also confirms that the vehicles had sun roofs. It passed to Whites Travel and Calver and, in turn, when Whites were in turn bought out by Chesterfield Transport it continued there as No. SERVICE AREAS Kitchen with main cooking section, wash-up, large walk-in cold room, still and serving areas. I’ve done my usual search of Google sources with no success, so hoping someone may have something tucked away in a slide/photo collection. David Field If there isn’t one on OBP there is one here. I believe its still around somewhere in Ireland. If you have any information we would be pleased to hear from you. Those purchasers sold off the self-catering cottages that were part of the business and opened the hotel for trade. West Yorkshire ran to Ripon from Harrogate. The drive then continued to the nearside rear wheel via a propshaft and worm-drive unit mirroring that of the offside. All the other B/W blinds were either generic e.g. We used them as the price was right for our fishing trips. All received high backed seats, heaters and a boot plus the blue and cream scheme with aluminium mouldings. The body was similar, this time all four were built by Burlingham and adorned with the same attractive colour scheme and destination blinds. Speed dating bristol bath. Here’s a good detective story in the making. It would be really nice if someone has info on the buses & the distinctive Andover bus station. I have asked lots of elderly locals, who all remember it well, but again, no photos. Thank you so much to everyone who has commented.

How do i know if a guy wants to hook up. The bodywork has the look of Thurgood about it. Any help/pictures would be great. For services that were extended to Bury the T, still on the blinds for the original through service, was used for Bolton to Bury trips, a case of one operator using an existing blind designed for another operator’s requirement, for their own needs. The higher the letter, the shorter part of the route travelled. In later years, only the red or blue blinds seemed to be in use. There is an example out there I do know, but not who has it. The drive was then split, with a further propshaft continuing the drive to an offside worm-drive unit and the rear wheel. It therefore passed the railway station. The buses would generally all travel through the town centre from where they would then continue on the displayed service number as a normal peak hour extra thus offering a wide range of though cross town facilities for the workers. Bedford buses were used and I think the owners were named Holland, two brothers. James and Devonshire Road. I would like to put that right. I am sure there will be many others, as well as those purchased second-hand from such as Crosville etc. The Museum has open days when it is possible to travel on certain exhibits.. The Omnibus Society turns out to be https://www.omnibus-society.org Oops – my mistake! Thanks Joe. We were ferried between Cupar and Newburgh in a couple of tired Leyland Titans. Also I believe a slide open roof. I will follow-up on the suggestions made. They undertook extensive works of improvement to the hotel accommodation, refurbishing all of the public areas and bedrooms and creating new letting bedrooms, both from former self-catering units within the hotel and from former outside self-catering units. via Roa Island, via Coast Road, via Abbey Road, Cellophane [sic], Ship Inn [sic], via Holker Street, via Ramsden St [sic], via Greengate St [sic]. The family concentrated on its farming activities after the death of the founder and sold the coaching business to White of Calver. There was limited use of B and D. Jim Hepburn Can anyone please supply more details of the Timperley Coaches operation – such as dates of operation, who owned it, and what vehicles did they prefer. The radiator has a Bristol outline but I think it’s too wide so possibly a pre-war Guy. United had a depot at Ripon and they ran services to Masham, Middleham and on to Leyburn I think the route will have been covered by United Automobile. Central heating is provided from oil-fired boilers. Fales had a mixed fleet at the time including OB’s, a Commer, an AEC and I think a Seddon or Vulcan or both


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